Welcome to The Crafty Hatter, Where Fashion Works for You

At The Crafty Hatter we’re passionate about fashion. We enjoy helping you find the perfect hat, mask or accessory to complete your outfit!  We specialize in vintage items used to create one of a kind wearable works of art.


We use vintage, and new, hats with vintage jewelry bits and pieces to create wearable art.  Feathers, lace, vintage clothing...everything is game to be used on a hat at The Crafty Hatter! You never know what you will find on one of our hats. Every one is different and uniquely created in our workshop.  All items are 100% handcrafted in the U.S.A.


Have a favorite hat that you love but is out-dated?  Send it to us to be made into a new, fashionable, piece of wearable art.

Our Specialty: Style!

Shop at our on-line store

Our online Etsy store offers everything you need to complement your wardrobe, from everyday hats to Sunday hats, to masquerade & Mardi Gra masks, and even Robin Hood, Princess hats and tiaras for the little ones. 


We only work with high quality materials to make a high quality piece of wearable art that will last for years. 

Kalamazoo Fashion Week 2014 - Raddison Runway Show


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